Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First week of my new life... (MANUSCRIPTS! SEND MANUSCRIPTS!)

The first week of my new life is a lot like my old life. Poeple are asking where their money is. somethings never change.  :)

But now I can say "Someone else is responsible for that and I've been told they are on top of it. If you haven't heard from them in a week or so, let me know, and I'll forward your information to the right people."

Other things that don't change, but sort of do... I've got a lot of production work that I need to process and hand off. Hopefully over the next few months, my work on the the production side of things will start to go away. Maybe I'll still be involved in some of the art direction decisions, or maybe I'll just be a guy with opinions that are sometimes listened to, and sometimes not. We'll see.

First and foremost though,  it seems like I'm back to acquiring books.  So I'm offically putting out the call for submissions.

If you already submitted something to me in the last 12 months and haven't heard back from me, please send a query. SF, fantasy and horror. That's what I'm looking for. It has to be good of course. Please querry first.

For now, I'm only open to agented submissions, or if you come with a reference from someone I know.  A lot of Night Shade's best titles came in through the transom via a recommendations.  Some even came from random hookups at a convention bar.  That sounds kind of naughty. I don't mean THAT kind of hook-up. I mean randomly discovering passionate, interesting writers at cons, whom I tell to send me something. and then that something turns out to be awesome, and I buy it. It happens. Crazy, huh?  The convention thing might not happen this year though, as I don't think I have a travel budget anymore. We shall see.

At some point in the future, my email address might change... but for the next month, hit me up

Query first. But only if a full manuscript is ready.

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